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Ø   Import of firearms is strictly prohibited.

Ø   Import of Cartridges in excess of 50 is also prohibited.

·               However, one firearm of permissible limit is allowed to be imported by persons on their bonafide Transfer of Residence to India as per the terms and conditions of the Baggage Rules, 1998 and further conditions that -

i) the same was in possession and use abroad by the passenger for a minimum period of one year;

ii) such firearms after clearance, shall not be sold, transferred, loaned or otherwise parted with, for consideration or otherwise, to any person in India during the lifetime of such person. An endorsement to this effect is made in the arm licence and the passport of the passenger concerned by the customs authorities at the time of clearance of the firearm in question;

iii) the passenger has a valid arms licence from the competent local (Indian) authorities; and

iv) the customs and other duties as applicable shall be paid.

Ø   Import of Arms, Air Guns and Air Pistols:

·               Import of 0.177 bore Air Guns and Air Pistols (which are otherwise Restricted as per Foreign Trade Policy) is allowed to shooters registered with Rifle Clubs or District/State/National Rifle Association and to National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) for supplying the same to the eligible State Rifle Association / Clubs and eligible shooters subject to the condition that –

the purchase/user of these items has a validuser licence” from the competent local (Indian) authority under the provisions of existing Arms Act, 1959.

Import of arms of permissible bore is permitted to “renowned shooters”* for their own use against an  import licence issued by DGFT  and a valid user licence from the competent local (Indian) authority under the provisions of existing Arms Act, 1959.


·         “Renowned Shooter” means a person who has participated in a National Shooting Championship in an Open Men’s Event or Open Women’s Event or Open Civilian’s Event whether through Qualifying Tournament or Wild Card Entry conducted in accordance with the rules of the International Shooting Union, and has attained the Minimum Qualifying Score prescribed by the National Rifle Association.

·         Weapons carried by Security personnel of persons of DFS Category:

In terms of the M.H.A. O.M. No. V-11026/56/98-Arms dated 28.1.2000, Security Personnel who accompany the visiting dignitaries and have been recommended security of the Distinguished Foreigners Scale (DFS) are only entitled to carry weapons which are not automatic. Accordingly, the Customs authorities should ensure that the weapons carried by the security personnel are not automatic and that appropriate entries are made in the Arms & Ammunition Register at the time of their arrival/departure.

Ø    Import of Ammunition by Licensed Arms Dealers

As per Para 2.34 of Chapter 2 governing General Provisions Regarding Exports and Imports of Handbook of Procedures Vol. I, 2009-14,-

Import of following types of ammunition are allowed against an Authorisation by licensed arms dealers subject to conditions as may be specified:

(i)           Shotgun Cartridges 28 bore;

(ii)          Revolver Cartridges of .450, .455 and .45 bores;

(iii)        Pistol Cartridges of .25, .30 Mauser, .450 and .45 bores;

(iv)        Rifle Cartridges of 6.5 mm, .22 savage, .22 Hornet, 300 Sherwood, 32/40, .256, .275, .280, 7m/m Mauser, 7m/m Man Schoener, 9m/m Mauser, 9m/m Man Schoener, 8×57, 8×57S, 9.3 m/m, 9.5 m/m, .375 Magnum, .405, .30.06, .270, .30/30 Winch, .318, .33 Winch, .275 Mag., .350 Mag., 400/350, .369 Purdey, .450/400, .470, .32 Win, .458 Win, .380 Rook, .220 Swift and .44 Win. Bores.

An application for grant of an Authorisation for items listed above may be made to the competent Regional Authority of DGFT in ANF 2B along with documents prescribed therein.

Ø    Transfer or Sale of imported firearms:

As provided under Para 2.43.2 of Chapter 2 of Handbook of Procedures, Vol. I, 2009-2014, Transfer of Imported Firearms will not require permission from DGFT (a) after 10 years of import or (b) on attaining the age of 60 years by such importer.

However, Prior permission of DGFT shall also not be required for transfer of imported weapons (firearms) by the “Renowned Shooters”* after 5 years from date of import. In respect of those shooters categorized as “Renowned Shooter” for at least 3 consecutive years, no permission shall be required from DGFT after 3 years from date of import.


* “Renowned Shooter” is defined in Import Licensing Note (3) of Chapter 93, ITC (HS) classification of Export and Import Items, Schedule I – Import Policy.



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