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     The Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) is functioning since the inception of the International Airport, Mumbai.  Earlier, it was under the Administrative control of the Commissioner of Customs (Preventive), New Custom House, Mumbai.  It had been placed under Administrative Control of Airport Collectorate (now Airport Commissionerate Mumbai Zone-III) with effect from the 27th July 1985, headed by Asstt./Dy. Commr. of Customs.  At present 49 IOs, 40 Supdts. and 1 Asstt. Commissioner of Customs, are working in AIU under the Administrative Control of the Addl. Commissioner of Customs (Air Intelligence Unit) C.S.I. Airport, Mumbai.  The officers are working 24x7 in two shifts deployed in four batches viz. Batches A, B, C and D.

               To effectively combat the menace of smuggling, the officers t obtain first hand knowledge about smuggling rackets, their modus operandi, market trends regarding demand supply of sensitive goods etc. In order to obtain such information, each Commissionerate / formation has its own intelligence network. The broader aspects and basic necessities of intelligence are as follows:-

1.     The cultivation of informers -

         - Collection of information

         - Compilation of Intelligence Reports.

         - Conducting investigations, making direct enquiry.

      -Carrying out searches and seizures; rummaging of    vessels/conveyances/aircraft, and   various other duties connected with the intelligence work. The key to effectiveness in this rapidly evolving environment is to move beyond traditional informant system to targeted intelligence led analysis which means creation of extensive data banks, development of sophisticated analysis tools, etc.



  • Smuggling of gold in various forms through air routes by passengers has been increased by way of concealment due to the increase in demand of Gold coupled with rise in price of gold in the domestic market.
  • Narcotic substances viz. Heroin, Morphine, Cocaine, Hashish etc., mostly smuggled out of the country by passengers as well as through courier mode.
  • Smuggling of Ketamine Hydrochloride (commonly known as party drug) by the passengers/carriers.
  • Misdeclaration/over invoicing of cut & polished diamonds.
  • Foreign/Indian currency continues to be smuggled by way of concealment in checked-in baggage by the passengers/carriers.
  • Smuggling of Electronic goods/gadgets viz. LED/LCD/Plasma TVs, Camcorders, Video Cameras, High end professional Cameras, Latest Mobile Phones, I-Phones, I-Pads, Tablets etc.  by the passengers coming from sensitive sectors viz Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai.
  • Smuggling of Fake Indian Currency Notes.
  • Smuggling of Micro SD/Memory Cards.



                To enhance the detection of tax evasion, duty evasion cases, Government has framed the system of rewards to the people who help in the detection of the Tax Evasion/ Customs duty evasion.  The following are a few guidelines for the people who like to give information of Customs Duty evasion/frauds.

      Under the existing Reward Scheme, Government of India grants handsome rewards to informers who provide specific information leading to seizure of goods, currency, bullion or leads to detection of duty evasion including wrong declaration of quantity, deion, value etc.

                The maximum amount of reward to the informers can be as high as 20% of the value of confiscated goods and penalty realized.  The maximum reward in respect of gold is Rs.50,000/- per kg., for silver it is Rs.1,000/- per kg., for Opium it is Rs.220/- per kg., for Heroin it is Rs.20,000/- per kg., for Cocaine it is Rs.40,000/- per kg. and for Hashish it is Rs.400/- per kg.   If the information leads to the detection of duty evasion, maximum reward of 20% of the duty evaded + 20% of the fine/penalty realized can be given as reward to the informers. 

        The informers can contact the following officials to share the information : Identity of the informers is always kept secret.

1. SmtRama Mathew, Commissioner of Customs (Airport)

Tel. No. : 022- 26880917, Fax : 022-26880918

Email id :

2. ShriRajiv Ranjan, Additional Commissioner of Customs (AIU),

Tel No. : 022-28524865Fax : 022-28500609

Email id :

3.  ShriPradnyasheel Jumle, Deputy Commissioner of Customs (AIU),

Tel. No. : 022-29208193Fax  : 022-28594876/226828715

Email  id : 

      4. Supdt. I/Charge Batch AIU :

               Tel. No. : 022-26829306/07   Fax : 022-26828715
                                                                                    CANINE UNIT
A.            There are 07 sniffer dogs (viz. URNY, ANIY, ANJU, AMOL, JIMMY, HOLY & MINTY) at present in AIU. These dogs are of Labrador breed. All these dogs had  undergone training at National Training Centre for Dogs, BSF, Tekanpur, Gwalior, MP.
B.            The number of cases detected by each dog till December 2015 are as under:
     Name of Dog No. of Case Detected
       URNY 01











    MINTY           00
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